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Standing Deer Themed Circle Border Metal Home Decor

Standing Deer Themed Circle Border Metal Home Decor

Dugout Creek Designs

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Let your guests catch a glimpse of beautiful outdoor nature with this stunning Standing Deer Circle Metal Art Decor, depicting a scene of a standing deer in a forest with trees and distant mountains. The scene is so well detailed that you can even make out the deer's antlers, tail, and blades of grass beneath it. Crafted in the USA using quality steel, our talented metal artisans have perfected making these nature scenes with flawless results. The scene is ideally suited as a standalone metal art piece on a wall as a focal decoration, such as above a bed or dining table, given its intricate detail. However, you could accent this piece with smaller decorations to complement the overall theme. Choose from hammered black or rust patina colors to get started.

● Dimensions: 17” x 17”

● Color options: hammered black or rust patina

● Crafted from quality steel

● Nature-inspired

● Circle borderer

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