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Sprig Interchangeable Metal Art Replacement Discs (Set of 3)

Sprig Interchangeable Metal Art Replacement Discs (Set of 3)

Meyerdirk Art

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Elevate your "Sprig" Metal Art with our interchangeables replacement disc sets. The ideal choice for those who love to keep their surroundings as dynamic as their lives. Designed to be perfectly compatible with your "Sprig" piece, these replacement discs allow you to infuse new life into your decor with ease.

  • A rich selection of colors, from the playful candy spectrum to elegant metallics, ensuring there's a shade for every season and style.
  • The ability to easily swap out the discs, offering an ever-changing backdrop to your home's atmosphere.
  • Crafted from the same high-quality steel as the original "Sprig" art, guaranteeing a match in both look and longevity.
  • Available in sets to accommodate the three-disc configuration of the "Sprig" piece, for a consistent and harmonious update.
  • The flexibility to express your creativity and match the mood of any room, event, or season.
  • Set Includes: (1) 4-inch circle, (2) 3-inch circles.

These interchangeable disc sets are specifically designed to work with the "Sprig" Metal Art by Meyerdirk Art. They provide an effortless way to transition your art with the changing seasons or simply on a whim, ensuring your space remains a true reflection of your personal taste. Keep your decor fresh and exciting with these simple yet impactful interchangeable disc sets.

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