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Sidewave Interchangeable Replacement Disc Set (Set of 5)

Sidewave Interchangeable Replacement Disc Set (Set of 5)

Meyerdirk Art

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Bring a refreshing change to your "Sidewave Metal Art Decor" with a set of replacement interchangeable discs. These interchangeable discs are designed to complement the fluidity of the Sidewave, allowing you to update the aesthetic of your decor as often as you like.

  • An array of candy-colored discs, offering options like candy purple, candy orange, and more to match your evolving decor needs.
  • The set is designed for easy replacement, enabling you to swiftly transition your space with the changing seasons or design trends.
  • Constructed from the same durable steel as the original piece, guaranteeing a harmonious fit and enduring look.
  • A selection of more neutral hues such as polished silver and copper tones is available for a sophisticated, all-year-round ambiance.
  • The discs are specifically sized to integrate flawlessly with your Sidewave Metal Art Decor, maintaining the piece’s sleek appearance.
  • Set Includes (1) 3-inch circle, (2) 4-inch circles, (2) 5-inch circles.

Note that these replacement disc sets are intended as a companion to the "Sidewave Metal Art Decor." They are perfect for those who delight in customization and want to ensure their living space is always in style. With these replacement discs, you can celebrate the freshness of spring, the warmth of autumn, or the brightness of summer with just a twist off for the old and twist on for the new. Transform your Sidewave into a piece that not only reflects the current season but also your personal taste and style.

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