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Satellites Interchangeable Metal Wall Decor

Satellites Interchangeable Metal Wall Decor

Meyerdirk Art

Disc Shape
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Revitalize your space with the "Satellites" wall decor, a captivating piece that embodies versatility and contemporary design. This exquisite art features a sleek black gloss grid adorned with colored metal discs that are designed to be interchangeable, offering a tailored experience for your home decor. 

  • Comes with a set of colored metal discs in varying sizes for a dynamic, textured look.
  • The interchangeable discs come in a variety of stunning colors.
  • You can hang the piece at any angle, place a single unit, or group multiple together to create a striking metal mesh in your space.
  • Perfectly sized at 25 inches by 15 inches to make a statement while fitting seamlessly into a variety of spaces.
  • Proudly made in the USA, ensuring quality craftsmanship.

With "Satellites", you don't have to invest in new wall art every time you repaint or redesign—simply switch out the discs to match your current palette or mood. Whether you're dressing up a solitary wall or orchestrating a cluster of these pieces for a gallery effect, the "Satellites" offers unparalleled versatility and style. Add this transformative piece to your collection and enjoy the freedom to refresh your environment whenever you desire.

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