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Pickup Stix

Pickup Stix

Meyerdirk Art

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Is there a room in your house that’s feeling a bit empty? Maybe it could use some texture or a splash of color. This interesting wall art is perfect for that!

Like casually scattered pickup sticks, this wall accessory is simple and elegant yet packs a nice colorful punch that can liven up any empty wall. From minimalist to contemporary to rustic and even bohemian interior styles, this versatile art piece will complement your existing decor well!

You can place this in your dining room, living room, bedroom, or even your office to give life to your space. Add one to your cart right now!

  • Dimensions: 39.5 inches x 15 inches
  • Colors: candy blue, candy green, candy orange, candy purple, candy raspberry, candy red, candy teal, candy yellow, distressed copper, polished silver
  • Made in the USA
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