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Music Diamonds Music Themed Metal Wall Decor Set (Set of 3)

Music Diamonds Music Themed Metal Wall Decor Set (Set of 3)

Meyerdirk Art

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Music Diamonds Wall Decor Set: a symphony of visual appeal that strikes a chord in any interior space. This trio of music-inspired art pieces is a testament to creativity and craftsmanship. Each diamond-shaped steel canvas, measuring 14.75 inches across by the same height, presents an iconic music symbol — a treble clef or a musical note — that sits proudly on a lustrous, reflective background. The set comes in a range of melodious colors: Candy Blue, Candy Red, and Distressed Copper, each piece finished to a high shine that captures and plays with light, much like notes dance through the air.

  • Versatile Arrangement: Whether you want to spread them out across a wall, align them in a harmonious sequence, or cluster them for a dramatic effect, these pieces offer complete creative freedom.
  • Reflective Surface: The polished background not only adds depth but also brings a dynamic element as it interacts with the changing light throughout the day.
  • Statement Pieces: These diamonds can transform a bland wall into a focal point, infusing your room with a sense of rhythm and melody.
  • Easy to Install: Get these on your walls quickly and enjoy the ambiance they create without a fuss.

Perfect for music enthusiasts, teachers, or anyone looking to strike a note of inspiration in their home decor, these Music Diamonds are a conversation starter. They resonate with the soul of music and reflect your passion for the art. Complete your order today and set the stage for a home that echoes your love for melodies.


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