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Fleet - Metal Sailboat Collage

Fleet - Metal Sailboat Collage

Dugout Creek Designs

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Adorn your space with "Fleet," a captivating assembly of sailboat silhouettes that bring the essence of the sea right into your home or office. This wall art sculpture is a collection of sail boats, each artfully curved to add a sense of movement and depth, as if they are gracefully sailing across your wall - then attached to its neighboring boat silhouettes to form a beautiful silhouette scene. The deep blue hue mirrors the ocean's vast beauty, while an option in vibrant red offers a striking contrast, catering to different tastes and interior color schemes.

  • Visual Appeal: Each sailboat boasts a slight curve, creating an engaging multidimensional display.
  • Versatile Color Options: Available in a rich blue, reminiscent of the ocean depths, or a bold red for a pop of color.
  • Easy Installation: Designed for simple placement, allowing for an effortless transformation of any wall.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring longevity and resistance to fading.
  • Size: The compact size makes it suitable for various spaces, large or small.

This nautical-inspired piece is not just wall art; it's a statement of elegance and a testament to the serene beauty of sailing vessels. The "Fleet" wall sculpture is perfect for those who wish to inject a touch of maritime charm into their living space, offering both visual interest and a calming ambiance. Whether placed in a home, office, or commercial setting, it's sure to captivate and impress.

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