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Fighting Elk Scene Buzz Saw Blade Cutout Metal Wall Decor

Fighting Elk Scene Buzz Saw Blade Cutout Metal Wall Decor

Dugout Creek Designs

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Elevate your decor with the essence of the wild through the Fighting Elk Buzz Blade Metal Art. This piece beautifully showcases the drama of nature with two magnificent elks locked in an age-old battle for dominance, set against a backdrop of serene trees and distant mountain silhouettes. Each element is meticulously cut into the steel, displaying the superior skills of American metal artisans.

  • Fighting Elk Design: A dynamic scene of elk in combat, symbolizing strength and the spirit of the wilderness.
  • Buzz Saw Blade Frame: Adds a touch of raw, rustic character, reminiscent of forest life.
  • Durable Steel Craftsmanship: Made in the USA, this piece promises durability and a premium feel.
  • Finishing Options: Available in distressed copper or rust patina finishes, each enhancing the artwork with a unique touch.
  • Sized for Impact: At 23.5 inches across, it's the perfect dimension to capture attention without overwhelming a space.

This Fighting Elk Buzz Blade Metal Art is more than just a wall hanging; it's a statement of admiration for nature's untamed beauty. Whether displayed in a lodge-style setting or as a standout piece in a contemporary room, it brings a sense of life and movement to any wall. It pairs exceptionally well with wooden accents and rustic decor, creating a cohesive and inviting atmosphere. The available finishes—distressed copper or rust patina—both complement and highlight the intricate details within the art, ensuring that this piece will be a treasured part of your home for years to come.

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