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Eagle Head Oval Metal Decor

Eagle Head Oval Metal Decor

Dugout Creek Designs

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Majestic Eagle Head Oval Wall Decor, a striking representation of the eagle's fierce and noble profile. Encased within an oval frame, this piece is cut from durable steel and is designed to make a bold statement. The detailed cuts captures the intensity of the eagle's gaze and the sharpness of its beak.

  • Dimensions: 10.25 x 6 inches, perfect for various setting sizes
  • Available finishes: a bold hammered black or a rustic rust patina
  • Expressive detail work highlights the eagle's powerful visage
  • Made in the USA, ensuring quality and artisanship

Whether displayed in your home, office, or as a gift to a bird enthusiast, this decor piece is sure to captivate and inspire. The eagle's image is not just an artistic choice, but also a nod to its status as a symbol of vision and strength, making this wall decor an emblematic and impactful addition to any space.

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