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Duck Themed Oval Cutout Scene Metal Wall Decor

Duck Themed Oval Cutout Scene Metal Wall Decor

Dugout Creek Designs

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Lose yourself in the spirit of the outdoors with our Duck Oval Wall Decor. This piece captures the dynamic movement of a duck in mid-takeoff, surrounded by the calm of reeds and water, all within a tastefully crafted oval frame. Made from robust steel, this decor is designed to endure, just like the timeless scenes of nature it represents.

  • Durable steel silhouette art featuring a duck in flight
  • Offered in a versatile 10.25 x 6 inches size
  • Available in a classic hammered black or a natural rust patina finish
  • Perfect for adding a touch of the wild to any hunting lodge or cabin-themed decor
  • Crafted in the USA with meticulous attention to detail

Whether it's to complement a collection of wilderness-themed pieces or to stand alone as a centerpiece, this wall art is sure to draw the admiration of nature enthusiasts and art lovers alike. Its silhouette design adds a modern twist to a rustic motif, making it a standout gift for anyone looking to enhance their home with the essence of the great outdoors.

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