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Dual-Layered American Flag Metal Wall Art (Large: 36 x 24 inches)

Dual-Layered American Flag Metal Wall Art (Large: 36 x 24 inches)

Meyerdirk Art

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Celebrate your American heritage with this meticulously crafted American Flag Metal Wall Art. Designed with vibrant hues of red, blue, and silver as the white, this flag captures the essence of the nation's spirit. The tattered ends of the metal add a touch of realism and history, symbolizing the enduring strength of the nation through difficult times. The alternative color options honor our heroes in law enforcement (blue line) and armed services (green line)

Each flag is hand-shaped by experienced metal artisans in the USA, ensuring a piece that's not only visually stunning but also rich in craftsmanship. The dual-layered design features a front plate with either bright blue and red or solid black, complemented by a polished silver backplate. The blue line and green line versions are accentuated with their respective colored lines, adding depth and significance to the design.

Product Details:

  • Material: Durable dual-layered steel
  • Design: American flag with tattered ends
  • Versions: Blue line, green line, and traditional (Old Glory)
  • Dimensions: Large: 36 x 24 inches (Available in Small: 24 x 16 inches)
  • Features: Two hangers on the back for secure hanging
  • Contact us to customize for outdoor mounting options 
  • Origin: Made in the USA

Whether you're looking to showcase your patriotism in your living room, dining area, or entrance hallway, this flag serves as a testament to American pride. It also makes a thoughtful gift for a friend or community hero.


This flag is made-to-order, so please expect up to 2 weeks shipping delay as we create your custom piece of art.

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