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Desert Dancer 'Cindi' Metal Wall Art

Desert Dancer 'Cindi' Metal Wall Art

Meyerdirk Art

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Immerse yourself in the rhythmic allure of the desert with the Desert Dancer 'Cindi' metal wall art. Handcrafted with precision, this piece captures the essence of an uninhibited dancer, from the graceful contours of her body to the intricate details of her hair, instruments, and flowing skirt.

Constructed from premium steel, every curve and line of 'Cindi' is a testament to the skills of our talented metal artisans. The design is accentuated with various color foil accents, adding depth and contrast to the silhouette. Whether it's the shimmering blue reminiscent of a desert night or the fiery red evoking the passion of dance, each hue brings its own unique charm.

Product Details:

  • Material: Premium steel
  • Design: Silhouette of a desert dancer with detailed features
  • Dimensions:
    • Small: 21 inches x 11.5 inches
    • Large: 31.5 inches x 17 inches
  • Origin: Handmade in the USA

Perfect for spaces seeking a touch of exotic elegance, 'Cindi' promises to be a captivating centerpiece in your bedroom, living room, or kitchen. Pair her with our other dancer designs to create a mesmerizing wall scene that transports you to a world of rhythm and grace.

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