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Copper Panels

Copper Panels

Meyerdirk Art

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Unveil the essence of serene modern elegance right in your home with these captivating Copper Panels, a trio that breathes life into any room. Each panel, measuring a neat 12-inch square, extends a mere quarter-inch from the wall, offering a sleek profile with a profound visual impact.

The distressed copper hue, kissed by splashes of vivacious teal, brings forward a faux finish that's as intriguing as it is luxurious, sealed with a high-gloss clear coat for an everlastingly lustrous sheen. 

  • Transformative Appeal: Place these panels above your sofa or on a plain wall to create an instant focal point that invites conversation and admiration.
  • Ease and Versatility: With hangers on multiple corners, the arrangement possibilities are endless, allowing for a personalized touch that reflects your unique style.
  • Simple Elegance: The geometric simplicity of the design complements any decor, enriching your space without overwhelming it.
  • Quality Craftsmanship: Each panel is crafted with care, ensuring a durable art piece that remains as timeless as the natural elements that inspire it.

Ideal for those who cherish sophistication without the complexity, this set of three becomes more than just wall decor; it becomes a statement of class and an oasis of calm. Whether it's a gathering space or a personal retreat, these Copper Panels with their teal overtones are sure to enhance the ambiance. A large grouping of multiple sets creates a bold and breathtaking display.

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