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Contemporary Circles Metal Wall Decor - 3 Piece set

Contemporary Circles Metal Wall Decor - 3 Piece set

Meyerdirk Art

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Elevate your interior space with these offset wall circles, a contemporary blend of simplicity and style. Each circle, meticulously crafted from high-gloss metal, features a large offset cutout in the center, creating a dynamic interplay of form and void. The result is a design reminiscent of floating bubbles, adding depth and intrigue to any wall.

This set offers three distinct sizes. With a spectrum of vibrant colors to choose from, ranging from Candy Blue to Distressed Copper, you can customize the look to match your decor or create a captivating contrast.

Product Details:

  • Material: High-gloss clear finished metal
  • Design: Circular disc with a large offset circular hole
  • Dimensions:
    • Large Circle: 11.9 inches
    • Medium Circle: 7.9 inches
    • Small Circle: 6.25 inches
  • Color options: Candy Blue, Candy Green, Candy Orange, Candy Purple, Candy Red, Candy Teal, Candy Yellow, Copper Vein, Distressed Copper, Polished Silver, Silver Vein
  • Set includes: 3 metal circles of varying sizes
  • Origin: Made in the USA

Whether you're looking to infuse a touch of sophistication into your room decor or seeking a unique gift for a design enthusiast, this set of wall circles promise to be a standout addition.

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