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Bear Paw with Bear Rustic Lodge Metal Decor

Bear Paw with Bear Rustic Lodge Metal Decor

Dugout Creek Designs

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Add a symbolic and artistic touch to your decor with our Bear Paw Print with Bear Metal Art. This piece captures the essence of the wild, featuring a bear's paw with a silhouette of the majestic animal at its center. The intricate details of the fur and claws are crafted with exceptional skill from steel.

Available in three evocative colors:

  • Distressed Copper: This finish radiates warmth and has a vintage feel, perfect for complementing earth tones and wooden textures in your space.
  • Hammered Black: Bold and modern, this finish provides a striking contrast, especially against lighter backgrounds, adding a contemporary edge.
  • Rust: The rust option offers an organic, aged look that fits seamlessly into rustic or traditional decor, enhancing the piece's naturalistic appeal.

Measuring 10.75 inches by 10.5 inches, the Bear Paw Print with Bear Metal Art is sized to be the centerpiece of a small wall space or to accompany larger pieces in a themed collection. Its rustic charm makes it an ideal addition to lodge-style or Adirondack-themed areas, whether displayed indoors or out.

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