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Bear Paw Prints Metal Decor Set (Set of 4)

Bear Paw Prints Metal Decor Set (Set of 4)

Dugout Creek Designs

Bear Paw Print Set
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Nature's footprint is beautifully etched with the Bear Paw Prints Set Metal Art. This collection of four metal bear paw prints - a charming addition to any room - celebrates the majesty of wildlife. Crafted from quality steel, each paw print in this set is a testament to fine handiwork, capturing the minute details of bear fur, claws, and pads with a realism that brings the outdoors inside.

Choose from two finishes to best suit your decor:

  • Hammered Black: A sleek and contemporary finish that's perfect for modern spaces, providing a bold contrast against light walls and making a statement in minimalist or industrial-themed rooms.
  • Rust Patina: An earthy and natural finish that embodies the spirit of rustic charm, blending seamlessly with traditional, cabin, or lodge-style aesthetics.
  • Each Set Contains 4 prints, each measuring appx. 7x7.25"

The Bear Paw Prints Set is inspired by rustic and Adirondack themes, perfect for indoor or outdoor placement. Imagine these paws arranged in a "walking" track formation along a hallway or ascending a staircase, or placed near other bear-themed art to create a curated wildlife gallery. Each print measures 7 inches by 7.25 inches, making them ideal for versatile display options without overwhelming your space.

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