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Arcs Circle Set - Interchangeable Wall Art Replacement Discs

Arcs Circle Set - Interchangeable Wall Art Replacement Discs

Meyerdirk Art

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Refresh the look of your "Arcs" wall decor with a new set of replacement color discs. These replacement discs are essential for anyone looking to keep their wall decor fresh, seasonal, or simply in sync with their evolving taste. Crafted to seamlessly integrate with your existing Arcs setup, these discs are not standalone items but crucial accessories that promise a renewed aesthetic with every change.

  • A spectrum of additional colors and patterns to choose from, providing you the flexibility to match any interior design palette.
  • User-friendly design for ease of interchangeability; just twist off the old and twist on the new
  • Durable materials ensure that the beauty of your discs endures as long as your original metal art piece.
  • Perfectly sized to fit the metal grid of the "Arcs" wall decor, ensuring a consistent and precise look.
  • Sold separately to allow for customization and personalization of your wall art throughout the year.
  • Set Includes: (2) 3-inch circles, (2) 4-inch circles, (2) 5-inch circles.

Please note that these replacement discs are intended solely as enhancements for the "Arcs" wall decor. They are the ideal choice for those who already own the main installation and wish to have the option of updating its appearance. Whether you're accessorizing for a holiday, a new season, or just because, these discs allow you to refresh your space without the commitment of buying a new art piece. Keep your decor dynamic and ever-changing with these stylish, interchangeable discs.

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