Arcs Interchangeable Circles Set

$ 30.00

If you love our arc metal wall sculpture but you’re thinking of changing your decor a bit, no need to come up with new wall decor ideas! You can simply change the colored circles to match your new palette!

You can choose from 11 different colors of metal circles! You’ll definitely find a shade that will perfectly fit with your new decor. Each set includes two rounds of three sizes.

You can get a set for a classic monotone look or you can buy several sets and mix and match! Have fun playing around with colors! Add these colorful circles to your cart right now!

  • Colors: candy (blue, green, red, orange, purple, teal, yellow), distressed copper, polished (copper, silver), teal splash
  • Set Inclusion: 2 x 3” circle, 2 x 4” circle, 2 x 5” circle

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