Terms of Transaction

Any transaction conducted with 7055 Inc. represents acknowledgement and acceptance of the following terms. Use of 7055inc.com and submission of purchase orders, sales orders, drop-ship requests, returns, custom orders, wholesale orders, retail purchases and product inquiries are subject to the terms listed below. 


Tiered Pricing:
We use a tiered pricing structure and have 2 main pricing categories; Stocking Dealer and Retail Pricing as follows:
Retail Pricing: This is our MSRP.  We sell most products at retail using the MSRP/Retail Pricing Tier as a price guide.  We do not require vendors to use MSRP, but provide it as a guide for consumer pricing.
Stocking Dealer: To become a Stocking Dealer with 7055 Inc, we require an opening order minimum. Stocking dealers may also be offered benefits beyond the other pricing tiers, such as a listing on our dealer locator and other benefits as deemed appropriate by 7055, Inc. 

Provided Content:
7055, Inc. provides limited product descriptions, photos and brand images through our Web site and other means of communication to our vendors from time to time.  All provided content is owned by 7055, Inc.  Content may not be significantly modified, altered or changed without exclusive written permission from 7055, Inc. Content may be reproduced and used in a manner that is tasteful and representative of the 7055, Inc. brand.  7055, Inc reserves sole discretion and authority in determining appropriate use of our brand, content and images. Any content found to not meet brand standards, or to be in any way damaging or distasteful to the 7055, Inc. brand must be immediately removed from public view, destroyed, and when deemed appropriate by 7055, Inc, a public retraction may be required. Failure to follow brand requirements or make immediate requested changes when publishing or using 7055 Inc's content is agreement to pay compensatory damages due to brand devaluation. IF YOU ARE UNCLEAR ABOUT USING OUR BRAND OR INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION.

Changes to Provided Content:
7055, Inc. reserves the right to make changes and modify any provided content at any time. It is the responsibility of any person or business using provided content to keep it up to date wherever it may have been republished.  Changes may be made publicly or without notice. Drop-shippers and other specialized vendors and partners may receive notices of changes via data-blasts or product update notices. Once sent, any content changes must be made immediately to public information, such as web sites, emails, printed materials and published items. All vendors and marketplaces are required to make changes immediately if notified of incorrect information or changes.


Return Authorization (RA): Unauthorized returns will not be accepted.  All returns require a Return Authorization or they may be disposed of without credit. If you need to make a return, please contact 7055, Inc. and obtain a Return Authorization to do so.  
Defective Merchandise: We will exchange, at our cost, at product found to be defective as a result of a manufacturing defect.  
Damages: If an order with 7055, Inc. has damage, all packing materials must be preserved in their original condition until 7055 Inc authorizes their disposal.  From time to time, our partners will want to collect the damaged package before approving damage claims.  If original packing is not available or is not returned when requested, the return will be considered unauthorized and will not be credited or exchanged. 7055, Inc may, at our own discretion, request photos of damaged products to bypass or expedite the return process and get a replacement to you sooner. If you are unable to provide photo documentation, you may be required to pay return shipping to verify damages, at 7055, Inc's discretion

Refusal of Sale:
7055, Inc. reserves the right, at our own discretion, to refuse any sale or transaction or interaction with any business or individual at any time for any reason.