Windrift Hill Goat Milk Products

7055 Inc is proud to carry Windrift Hill goat milk soaps, lotions and oils.  

Did you know that 60% of whatever comes in contact with your skin is assimilated into your system? Goat milk has always been most acceptable for people with sensitive digestive tracts; this is also true of external use. Goat milk is a natural moisturizer that is high in proteins, minerals and vitamins that are easily absorbed into the skin. 

Each 5 oz. bar of Windrift Hill Goat Milk Soap is hand cut and contains over an ounce of fresh goat milk. The bars will vary slightly in size and shape and are unwrapped to extend their life.

Our lotion formula uses the goodness of goat's milk to replenish moisture to the skin. This lotion absorbs quickly and leaves your skin silky smooth. Its light texture makes it ideal for use under makeup.

Replenish essential skin moisture with easily absorbed goat milk formula bath salts, body butters and body oils. Perfect for dry, chapped skin, these moisturizing goat's milk bath products will leave your skin feeling smooth and velvety. Made with shea, mango, cocoa butter and fresh goat's milk, plus aloe vera oil and more.

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