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Fall 2018 Color Trends

Do you like to stay on top of the seasonal trends? Are you looking for new colors to liven up your living space? Authority on color, Pantone, has announced top colors for the 2018 fall/winter season.

2018 pantone fall color lineup

Like other more well known blogs such as House BeautifulCoastal Living, and Elle Decor; I also decided to write a blog to inform you about these colors. Many times people will want something new and fresh, but are not quite sure how to go about doing that.

It is why I feel that color trends are important to know. If you look at this color palette and see something you like, that color can be called your inspiration. Maybe it will inspire you to change up your throw pillow, or art work. Maybe it will inspire you to change the paint color of your space. What ever inspiration you take from the color, follow your instincts and try something new.

I have put together a helpful little guide that might help you with your color refreshing project.

Happy Decorating!

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2017 Decor Trends

I have spent my morning reading articles about both the predicted 2017 decor trends and what trends currently are in 2017.  After reading blog articles on several design websites, I believe that I can make wall art recommendations based on these trends.  Decorist     Elle Decor    Vogue    House Beautiful

Photo courtesy of Pantone.

First – Green is a trend this year.  I have always loved the color green. Green is a color I throw in where ever I can in my home. Now Pantone says that 2017’s color is called Greenery green. So, I can feel like I was ahead of this trend.   Also, these blogs not only promote greenery green but all shades of green including jewel toned greens. Jewel tones when mentioned with green always makes me think of emerald green.  Which closely resembles our
“candy green” color in my opinion.

I know I mentioned Jewel Tones earlier, but since jewel tones are a trend this year I wanted to tell you that we have more jewel toned colors to offer than candy green.  If you are looking for color in your art, many of our collections have pieces that are finished in the candy colors, or have candy colored accents.  I will highlight the Interchangeable Collection.  Our Interchangeable Collection at 7055 Inc is comprised of many pieces that include candy blue, candy green, candy orange, candy purple, candy red, candy teal, and candy yellow colors.  After you have purchased the piece, you have the option to purchase more of the colored squares and circles sets to change the look of your Interchangeable art.  

Two of the other trends of 2017  are texture and mixed metals.  I feel like so many of our pieces exemplify these characteristics, but I will focus pieces in our Warrior Collection here.  In this collection, texture is made from the layering of steel, the differing shapes cut out, and also the finishes.  All of the pieces in this collection have metallic finishes.  Some of the pieces are a polished silver with candy colored finishes. However, the majority of the collection is pictured here, and are colored by mixed metallic finishes.

Spend sometime looking through all the pieces 7055 Inc has to offer so that you are able to create a space you will love calling Home.

Jill Peters | 7055 Inc, E-Commerce Assistant