Wine Down Friday: Michael & David 2016 Freakshow

Happy Wine Down Friday! This week we’re drinking Michael & David’s 2016 Freakshow Cabernet Sauvignon.Amanda-Great smokey flavor, & I love the blackberry I taste.?Ben-Tastes like black raspberry. It’s spicy, but not peppery.?Jill-Black currant or blackberries with a slightly smokey oak flavor. There is spice there, but it’s faint.?Have a great weekend!

Share Your Space: Custom Space Port

If our standard finishes don’t quite fit your space, we can customize them. Check out this custom Space Port.¬† Get a Space Port for your space!

New Product: Poker Hand 2.0

Add some game to your walls with Poker Hand 2.0. This piece is offered in several different colors to perfectly coordinate with your space! Get one for your space!

Wine Down Friday – Jim Olsen & Tom Shula 2016 Merlot

Happy¬†#WineDownFriday! This week we’re drinking a 2016 Merlot from Jim Olsen & Tom Shula.Amanda-I taste black cherry. This is good.?Ben-Smells like blackberry jam & tastes like it too!?Jill-Smells fruity. Tastes like plum, black currant, & smokey oak.?Mary-Yum! Tastes like cherries!? Shop the Contemporary Squares

Table top Maple Leaf Lifestyle

Looking for unique fall decor? You can get them as tabletop or wall decor, and have the option of Aspen, Maple, or Oak leaves. Click this link to get one for your space!