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Try These 4 Ideas for Adding Color

Hate your wall colors, but can’t paint them over? No worries. We have some nifty tricks for you.

Many of us find ourselves in a situation when we do not like the paint on our walls but cannot repaint them. Perhaps, you recently renovated your space and just don’t want to deal with repainting it again. Maybe you are living in a rented space, or facing a budget constraint that keeps you from painting your walls.

Whatever your reason, the situation leaves you with two options – be sour and live with the lemons life has thrown at you or make some zesty lemonade by adding color to the walls without painting. We might not be able to lend you a lot of advice on the former, but at 7055 Inc, we are definitely the experts on home décor. So, here are some innovative ideas to make your rooms colorful without using the paint.

Big N’ Bold is Beautiful

Bold colored furniture

Photo Credit: House Beautiful “16 Decor Trends that are Going to be Hot in 2018”

You may not be able to paint your walls, but you can add color to the next biggest feature in the room – your furniture. Buy pieces that come in vibrant colors. Usually, a block color works best, because too many colors can create a chaotic look.

Adding big and bold colored furniture to your room will make those items the focus of the room. It will completely take the attention away from your bland walls. In fact, plain and bland walls lend excellent backgrounds to such colorful pieces of furniture. One big piece like this will sometimes work better than many small accessories.

Make the Colors Echo

Candy blue arcs in lr

While the big and the bold might be the way to go when you are decorating only one room, you should follow the rule of echo when you are decorating the entire house. Think of it like sprinkling the color around the house to create a feeling of oneness. Pick a scheme of colors and repeat it throughout your house. For instance, use pillow cases, bed linen, accessories, wall decor and other small items in the same color scheme.

When the same color echoes across the house makes it feel warm, cozy, and familiar. More importantly, it gives the house a colorful impression and steers your guests’ eyes away from the walls.

The Surprise Element

Our brain registers and remembers those things which surprise us. Give your house guests that surprise with color. Whether it is the curtain holders, mirror frames, kitchen stools, accent art or something else, make them colorful. Such an interesting use of colors is sure to stay with anyone who enters the space. This surprise element may be small, but its impact will be big. So, even small colorful pieces, placed in unexpected locations in the house, can give the perception of a lot of color. No painting, only surprises!

cynthia-frank-elle-decor-living-room- color pop

 Photo Credit: Elle Decor “20 Times a Pop of Color was Completely Necessary”

Do Your Own Thing

It is always about making a home out of a house. And if it is color that makes you more comfortable, then add as much or as little as you want. Your home is an extension of yourself, and these tips will help you bring your vision to life. So, use your imagination and pick your favorite colors to make it yours.

Do your own thing
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Fall 2018 Color Trends

Do you like to stay on top of the seasonal trends? Are you looking for new colors to liven up your living space? Authority on color, Pantone, has announced top colors for the 2018 fall/winter season.

2018 pantone fall color lineup

Like other more well known blogs such as House BeautifulCoastal Living, and Elle Decor; I also decided to write a blog to inform you about these colors. Many times people will want something new and fresh, but are not quite sure how to go about doing that.

It is why I feel that color trends are important to know. If you look at this color palette and see something you like, that color can be called your inspiration. Maybe it will inspire you to change up your throw pillow, or art work. Maybe it will inspire you to change the paint color of your space. What ever inspiration you take from the color, follow your instincts and try something new.

I have put together a helpful little guide that might help you with your color refreshing project.

Happy Decorating!

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Natural Summer Inspiration

Summer is finally back!  Here in Iowa that means time outside in the sunshine (preferably near water), fast moving rain storms, and bugs.  I will not be discussing bugs further, as I place bugs firmly in the “negative things of summer” column.  Storms, sunshine, outdoors/nature, and water are always exciting and do inspire our art here at 7055 Inc.  Some of our pieces are clearly inspired by nature.  From what we have named them to how the pieces look, these pieces are clearly our interpretation of nature.  I have three examples of these pieces.  Then, I will share with you my more abstract interpretation of one of our pieces.

First, our Lightning which are sold as a matched set.  Inspired by the summer rain storms and the crackling streaks that light up stormy skies.  The main body of the two 35” by 5.5” panels have a distressed copper finish, which provide the backdrop for the lightning bolts.  The lightning in these panels are created by cutting out the shape of the lightning which transitions into raindrops and are highlighted by colored foil.

Another obviously nature inspired piece is our desert sun.  Every time I look at the Desert Sun I remember drawing pictures of the sun as a child.  I would draw a circle with wavy lines radiating from my circle.  The Desert Sun combines the whimsical imagined sun of childhood with an elegant distressed copper finish to create an eye-catching piece of art.

When I came across the quote “I have not tried to reproduce nature: I have represented it” by French artist Paul Cesanne, Dream Trees came to mind.  7055 Inc.’s Dream Trees are not necessarily the exact copy of any specific type of tree.  Instead, they are more of a recognizable symbol that represents all trees.  Furthering the idea of the symbolic trees, are the vivid colors and unique finishes of our Dream Trees from intense candy blue and candy red to more natural green and brown gradient to the distress

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Winter = ….

To many of us that live in places that experience four distinct seasons, winter equals…..a need to change our space!

During the winter months, for those of us who have snow and ice fall on us, we just want to stay indoors when we are in our home community/area.  There are many reasons for adults to want to remain inside their homes.  The main reason is that it is cold outside!  Most of the other reasons that I came up with stem from it being cold outside.

Interchangeable Color Chart

Here at 7055 Inc. we are proposing a simple solution, which we believe will resolve the itch to redecorate your living room (again).  That solution is our Interchangeables.  

This winter when you are sitting in your living space – looking at the walls, instead of thinking about redecorating again so that you have a change of scenery – change your artwork colors. 

With interchangeables you have the ability to change your art as often as you want!    You may decide you want to change it go with the seasons or holidays.  

Instead of changing everything about the room, pick a neutral palette and add bold accent colors with room decor and accessories.

Or maybe you will change them to support your favorite team on game day.  You may even decide to change them to match your mood!   

However you decide which color scheme to choose, we hope that you find our Interchangeables help you through the winter months as well as the spring, summer, and fall months!

Disclaimer:  I am generalizing, and not everyone who lives where snow visits wants to redecorate every winter. ?