7055 Stocking Dealer

What is a 7055 Stocking Dealer?
A stocking Dealer with 7055 Inc is a wholesaler in the traditional sense.  They purchase product in bulk to mark up for resale online, in brick & mortar stores and at pop-up events.

Stores and businesses who wish to join the 7055 Stocking Dealer Program must meet certain requirements and follow certain rules to participate.


Rules & Requirements:

These rules have been established to provide a fair marketplace for all of our wholesale customers. Failure to observe these rules and requirements may result in suspension or termination from the Stocking Dealer program. Some rules also note financial repercussions. By participating in the program, you agree to be bound by these rules.  Participants are responsible for any damages - financial, reputational or otherwise - that may occur as a result of not complying with these rules and requirements. 
  • Stocking Dealers must meet minimum opening order and reorder requirements at the time of order placement.
  • Stocking Dealers must have the bulk of their orders (80%+) shipped to a physical store address on file.
  • Stocking Dealers may utilize Dropship resources for up to 20% of total purchase volume annually. 
  • Stocking Dealers may only list or display 7055 products on registered Web sites and at registered locations.
  • Some venues may have exclusive distributorship agreements.  Stocking dealers who sell in an unauthorized venue and/or violate an exclusivity agreement may be required to relinquish all 7055 product revenue from such venue to 7055 Inc and/or the violated Distributor. 
  • Stocking Dealers are prohibited from listing 7055 products with any kind of multi-vendor marketplace without written consent from 7055 Inc. Examples include but are not limited to Ebay, Amazon, Etsy, Walmart, Sears, Online Art Festival and similar. If you are unsure, please contact us for approval prior to listing any products.
  • Stocking Dealers must inspect shipments and submit damage claims within 4 business days of package receipt. Failure to do so may void damage claims. 
  • Stocking Dealers may not return unsold product for credit or exchange.
  • Stocking Dealers must adhere to our MAP (minimum advertised price) policy.  Any 7055 product being sold below MAP must be marketed as "prices too low to advertise" or "add to cart to see low price" or similar.  Stocking Dealers who violate the MAP policy agree to relinquish to 7055 Inc, all revenue earned in violation of 7055 MAP policy, and will no longer be eligible to conduct business with 7055 Inc or its subsidiaries. 
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