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Winter = ….

To many of us that live in places that experience four distinct seasons, winter equals…..a need to change our space!

During the winter months, for those of us who have snow and ice fall on us, we just want to stay indoors when we are in our home community/area.  There are many reasons for adults to want to remain inside their homes.  The main reason is that it is cold outside!  Most of the other reasons that I came up with stem from it being cold outside.

Interchangeable Color Chart

Here at 7055 Inc. we are proposing a simple solution, which we believe will resolve the itch to redecorate your living room (again).  That solution is our Interchangeables.  

This winter when you are sitting in your living space – looking at the walls, instead of thinking about redecorating again so that you have a change of scenery – change your artwork colors. 

With interchangeables you have the ability to change your art as often as you want!    You may decide you want to change it go with the seasons or holidays.  

Instead of changing everything about the room, pick a neutral palette and add bold accent colors with room decor and accessories.

Or maybe you will change them to support your favorite team on game day.  You may even decide to change them to match your mood!   

However you decide which color scheme to choose, we hope that you find our Interchangeables help you through the winter months as well as the spring, summer, and fall months!

Disclaimer:  I am generalizing, and not everyone who lives where snow visits wants to redecorate every winter. ?

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The Story of 7055 Inc.

It all began in the state of Iowa, in a little town called Harris. After years of metalworking experience and play, Greg Meyerdirk, along with son Ben and wife Patrice, decided to launch the company and work full time on what was and always has been his passion of creating metal artwork. Proud to be local American manufacturers, together they cut, weld, design and create art, which is cherished by customers all over the country.

7055 Inc products can be found online as well as all across the country in specialty decor shops, art festivals and major retailers. We look forward to sharing our artwork with your home.